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Looking for an experienced digital marketing company in Kerala that offers different social media marketing services?

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social media marketing company kerala
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Digismashers-Social media marketing Agency in kerala

Digismashers is the fastest-growing social media marketing company in Kerala, with a team of professionals who can handle all clients’ marketing needs. As social media marketing(SMM) becomes more and more critical to your business, A social media marketing company in Kochi, Kerala, will increase your brand awareness, open up new markets for you, and help increase sales. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, Digismashers will be the perfect choice for you.


Developing the right social media marketing strategy for your business is the essence of social media marketing. Digismashers can assist our clients in developing a winning social media marketing strategy and implementing it successfully.


An excellent digital marketer like us can help to take your business to another level—and hiring one is far less risky than attempting to do it yourself.

Why Social Media Marketing is important for your business?

Companies can build their brand awareness, create brand loyalty, engage their target demographic, and connect with their online followers with social media marketing. Social media marketing has become a vital part of any digital marketing campaign in recent years.

Companies ignore social media marketing and miss out on an increasingly well-targeted niche audience. By tapping into this highly-targeted audience, companies can promote their products and services to the right audience at the right time. This results in better conversion rates, higher online revenue, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

social media marketing company in kochi

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of social media marketing as it provides a direct link to their current customers. Having an online presence gives your company credibility and can interact directly with existing customers. Also, social media gives customers a way to voice their opinions or experiences, and businesses can use these comments to improve their products or services.


However, you need a social media marketing company familiar with the latest social media platforms for social media marketing to be successful. You can provide your company with the best social media marketing services available, and Digismashers is a marketing company with results-driven work.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

More Clients

Your business can generate leads and engage your audience more effectively by using social media. However, keeping up with changes in technology and consumer behaviour can be challenging. Instead of wasting your time on social media, hire a social media agency specializing in using social media platforms to boost their clients’ businesses. By hiring experts like Digismashers, not only will your campaign reach more people but also help you better connect with potential customers by optimizing your customer acquisition strategy through increased visibility. By hiring a social media marketing company in Kerala, you can connect with your target audiences and get more clients.

More Followers

Engaging with your customers is the key to getting more followers. Your audience will be more likely to follow your social network and tell others about it if they feel their voices are being heard. Don’t be afraid to share information about product updates, potential discounts, or anything else you think could interest or benefit your audience. It will enhance their experience and make them feel valued. Communications have never been more accessible, thanks to social media networks. Some businesses forget the importance of responding quickly and actively engaging their audiences in conversation. Sometimes, taking the time to engage with your users can do wonders for your brand image.

More traffic

No matter how well designed and full of information your website is, if no one visits it, then all of your hard work won’t pay off. Social media can help you get in front of more people and expose your business to new audiences. Make sure your social media pages look polished and professional and include links back to your website so that if someone clicks through, they can learn more about what you do. It may also be a good idea to experiment with different types of content, such as images, graphics, videos, or infographics. It will keep things interesting for people scrolling through their feeds on their phones. Digismashers is a social media marketing company Kerala that will help you increase traffic through social media.


Using a marketing company can help you increase your visibility on social media and improve your brand awareness. 90% of consumers say they purchase from brands they follow; therefore, it is essential to keep active and promote your brand on social media. As a Social Media Marketing Agencies in Kerala, we have extensive experience in ad management, analytics reporting, content creation, and promotion via various networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We know how to create targeted messages based on your audience, so you won’t waste time or money putting out ads that won’t perform.

Cost-effective solution

An essential advantage of hiring a social media marketing company Kochi, is doing more with less. At the same time, we reached more customers, increased revenue, and cut costs. Your brand will reach millions of people every day if you hire a social media marketing company. Even full-service marketing agencies are cheaper than in-house marketing departments on average. You can control your content strategy, campaign design, and ongoing campaign monitoring with an outsourced social media team without incurring ongoing costs

customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction leads directly to improved word-of-mouth marketing and revenue streams. Businesses and startups understand how important it is to build relationships with customers, but it can be hard to devote all your time to those relationships without outside help. Because of this, outsourcing your customer service needs to a third party can be highly beneficial. A marketing company in Kerala will provide support and make sure your customers feel valued. If you are starting or need help reaching out to existing customers, consider outsourcing your customer service operations so you can focus on other business aspects.

Why Digismashers? And how we work?

Often, business owners don’t recognize that using social media effectively is a full-time job – and that’s where Digismashers, the most reliable social media marketing company Kerala, comes in. 

Since 2020, we have been helping brands with their social media marketing in Kerala, from start-ups to established brands. Think of us as your own dedicated social media agency staffed by professionals who love what they do! 

social media marketing company in kerala

At Digismashers, we aim to provide our clients with tangible results, such as qualified leads, increased conversions, and more vital branding. We specialize in promoting businesses on Facebook, but we also offer services on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube& LinkedIn

Additionally, because we offer all of our services under one roof (in other words, we handle everything ourselves), we guarantee consistency across all platforms and lower prices. The Digismashers team brings years of experience managing social media campaigns for top brands, ensuring success for every project we take on.

SMM Process

Before you set up any social media accounts for your business, you need to have a plan. It is possible to create a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and Instagram profile for your business. Still, if your marketing plan does not include using these channels to promote your business, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Marketing through social media is about building relationships with potential customers, so you need to figure out who will manage these channels daily and how often they will update them. Nailing these details makes it easier to allocate resources and budget appropriately because every platform requires its unique strategy to maximize performance.

Each client at Digismashers goes through a 7-step process.

1.Identify Your Goals
2.Identify Your Customers
3.Competition Analysis
4.Choose The Right Social Media Platform
5.Create And Curate A Content Strategy
6.Invest In Social Media Marketing
7.Analysis Of Campaigns
1.Identify Your Goals

You should know what goals and objectives you want to achieve with your social media marketing. Is it simply to increase brand awareness? Or do you want to generate leads? It can be difficult for us or any agency or freelancer to figure out how to help you with unclear goals best. 

When you define clearly your goals and expectations, not only will agencies and freelancers be better able to craft strategies around them, but we will also be better able to execute those strategies. You’ll get more value from your investment in our services.

2.Identify Your Customers

You can’t sell something to someone if you don’t know who they are. Identifying the right target market is crucial for every business. Marketing companies like Digismashers ask questions such as Are your customers male or female? What age range do they fall into? Are they in rural or urban areas?


Do their interests match those of others in their region, demographics, and psychographics? These are all critical questions to consider when advertising your products or services. Keep your advertising consistent once you’ve identified your customer base.

3.Competition Analysis

You can gather all the information you need by watching and learning from what your competitors are doing if you start a campaign on social media. Watching how successful companies use social media can inspire and inform your approach, even if their niche differs from yours.


Being familiar with the competition is always beneficial. Nothing hurts worse than competing against someone who has twice as many fans as you do because they know exactly what they’re doing. By analyzing who is already performing well on social media, you will save yourself some trouble.

4.Choose The Right Social Media Platform

We will choose the right platform for your business, look at how many people use it on average. Digismashers ensure your brand gets popularity among your target audience by picking platforms where they are active. It will be challenging to achieve results if you spread yourself across different channels without any purpose or plan.

Concentrate your efforts on one network before applying your steps to other channels. Social media marketing works best by consistently focusing and distributing content across various channels and proper optimization and advertisements. When developing a strategy for digital marketing via social media channels, keep these things in mind.

5.Create And Curate A Content Strategy

Social media marketing is all about content. It works by creating content and sharing it on your profile, in your feed, or via ads. Visitors who find your content interesting enough to click through to learn more about your products and services become prospects.

At Digismashers, we handle everything from creating content to posting it on various platforms, so you don’t have to. Focus on strategy while learning more about what kind of messaging resonates with your target audience so that you can plan future posts accordingly. In short, let an expert handle it.

6.Invest In Social Media Marketing

Investing in social media marketing is crucial to your brand, especially if you’re just getting started. Regardless of whether your company is new or not, investing in marketing it online will help give it instant credibility.

When it comes to gaining exposure with influencers and bloggers, many low-cost options are available. Invest in paid advertisements or sponsored posts if you have some cash set aside for marketing – not only will they help build your brand, they will also increase traffic to your website.

7.Analysis Of Campaigns

Companies who use Social Media marketing to reach out to their target market can easily measure and analyze their campaign. They can see how many people see their content, how much they share, etc. The data provides insight into what is working well and needs improvement.


The data is vital for gauging the ROI of social media marketing. Also, analytics provide insight into whether certain platforms are worth focusing on – do users prefer Twitter over Facebook? Does something appeal particularly to young people? Etc.

Today, having a presence on the internet is essential for running a business, and it’s impossible to do so without it. A social media marketing campaign attracts new customers, keeps existing ones engaged, and provides valuable analytics that helps businesses run more efficiently. Consider hiring a social media marketing agency if you’re just getting started with your marketing. With Digismashers, the most trusted and hired social media marketing company in Kerala, you can access a wide range of social media marketing services.